On today’s show, Dr. Don is joined by Dr. John Osborne, co-owner of Osborne Chiropractic with his wife Marie in Tipperary, Ireland. He joins us to discuss the breakthroughs he has been making in his vitality shift and the 3 main internal obstacles he has been able to overcome.

When he began his vitality shift 4 years ago, John was very much a pain-focused Chiropractor. Since he began the program, John has continued his journey for self, and practice, improvement. There’s always more to learn and more ways to improve.

Dr. John takes us through his initial vitality shift and how he has progressed in the 4 years since he started his journey. Since then, he has still felt stuck; like his practice wasn’t growing as it should. John decided to work one on one with Dr. Don and Brandi MacDonald in their 90-day accelerator intensive.  John discusses the work he did, most importantly realizing he was his practice’s biggest problem. He Learned to tune into his own feelings and how his body was responding.  The results of doing this work have been record-breaking milestone after milestone, he said he felt like he finally took the hand break off his potential. 

Once you know yourself, you can truly know your practice.


Key Takeaways:

  • Looking for help without knowing what you need. [2:38]
  • How John has progressed from his initial vitality shift. [3:43]
  • The process of realizing you need help. [6:20]
  • Understanding and having realistic expectations for patient progression. [7:15]
  • Learning to pick up on the subtleties of individual cases. [10:45]
  • Becoming more aware of your own feelings and your own body’s responses. [12:36]
  • Overcoming the self-sabotage mindset. [14:00]
  • Understanding how your mental state affects how you show up in practice. [17:01]
  • Learning to be comfortable with your physiological responses. [19:05]
  • Attaching meaning to your goals. [26:52]
  • Creating separate identities with a singular purpose in a joint practice. [33:00]
  • Advice for identifying your own internal obstacles. [36:13]


Find out more about The Vitality Shift: https://www.thevitalityshift.com

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