The Vitality Shift for Chiropractors
Advocating for Chiropractic Legislature Change with Nancy Dent

Advocating for Chiropractic Legislature Change with Nancy Dent

November 18, 2020

In this episode, Dr. Don is joined by Nancy Dent, an advocate for change in legislation for chiropractic care.

Nancy’s daughter came into the world with compromised abilities and neurological issues, which led to challenges with her care. Nancy decided to look beyond what the conventional medical field had to offer. At age 4, her daughter began seeing a chiropractor.

Exploring Chiropractic care led her daughter to transform in incredible ways. After a short amount of time, she was able to walk independently, increase her spatial awareness, and enjoy her life more. This is why Nancy is passionate about seeing chiropractors be able to share what they can do with the world. Nancy has become an advocate for chiropractors by working to change the current legislation that restricts chiropractic care.


Key Takeaways:

  • Nancy’s story about how and why her daughter’s journey with chiropractic care began. [5:25]
  • The progression of her daughter’s care and how it has improved her quality of life. [9:55]
  • Why Nancy is passionate about advocating for chiropractic care. [12:00]
  • How Nancy became an advocate to change legislation for chiropractors. [13:55]
  • Clinical trials versus lived experience. [16:15]
  • An update on how Nancy’s daughter is doing now, and why she has to continue advocating for change moving forward. [20:38]
  • How the current regulations impact a parent’s ability to care for their child. [27:02]
  • The best way to connect with Nancy. [31:10]
  • Final thoughts on making change and advocacy. [33:00]
  • Parting words of inspiration from Nancy. [35:38]

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Shifting to the Salutogenic Model with Brandi MacDonald

Shifting to the Salutogenic Model with Brandi MacDonald

October 28, 2020

On today’s show, Dr. Don is joined by Brandi MacDonald, who, in addition to being Dr. Dons’ wife, is co-owner of South Side Chiropractic in Edmonton. Brandi joins us to discuss the main obstacles chiropractors find they come up against when trying to shift to the salutogenic model and how to overcome them.

The most common obstacle that chiropractors find themselves up against is the pain conversation. Brandi explains that you can’t ever get away from the question fully. Pain is an important data point, and you should be looking at it as a starting point. Help your patients reframe pain in their mind as a symptom of a wider issue. Brandi goes on to discuss effectiveness in communication and how effectiveness is subjective.

Brandi brings up the importance of patient education and understanding of your chiropractic approach. Brandi also discusses being an emotionally healthy practitioner and what mindset works in creating patient relationships. To end the episode, Brandi tells us about the pop-up Facebook group she and Dr. Don have set up, and reminds us that everything we experience is data and can be learned from.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why you can’t ever get away from the pain conversation. [2:55]
  • Reframing the patient’s perspective of pain. [8:20]
  • Becoming more effective in communication; What is effectiveness? [12:20]
  • Maintaining a healthy mindset to maintain healthy patient relationships. [22:00]
  • About the Vitality Shift pop-up Facebook group. [26:35]
  • Words of wisdom. [29:20]


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Forging a Sustainable Practice in a Pandemic with Dr. Tiffany Johnson

Forging a Sustainable Practice in a Pandemic with Dr. Tiffany Johnson

October 21, 2020

On today’s show Dr. Don is joined by Dr. Tiffany Johnson, who runs Healing Touch Chiropractic in West Fargo and hosts The Aligned Life Podcast. A returning guest, Dr. Tiffany joins us today to update us on how things have changed since the beginning of the pandemic and finding and working in your genius.

When the pandemic hit, Dr. Tiffany was out of state. Before returning to her practice, she had to isolate for 3 weeks. She tells us how that time off allowed her mind to clear and realize that she needed to make her business more sustainable. With new regulations, the physical flow of the practice had to change. This affected everything. You need to have enough strong support in your team to cope with such drastic changes.

Dr. Tiffany goes on to discuss how she has utilized the pandemic to become better at time blocking. It has led to less hours in office, but the same volume of patients. Going forward, Dr. Tiffany reminds us that while times are tough right now and we need to do our jobs, we need to be human too.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Dr. Tiffany’s experience in lockdown has changed her practice. [2:48]
  • Realizing the need for the right support in your team and how to achieve it. [5:30]
  • Cancelling the bells and whistles and focusing on what is truly important. [8:26]
  • How Dr. Tiffany has maintained patient volume while cutting hours. [12:58]
  • Utilizing lockdown to create more time efficiency. [23:08]
  • Being available for your team. [24:28]
  • Advice for those struggling to delegate and give up control. [27:10]
  • Inspiration for those who need it. [31:00]


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Preventing Burnout While Your Chiropractic Practice Grows with Dr. Dara Tyrrell

Preventing Burnout While Your Chiropractic Practice Grows with Dr. Dara Tyrrell

September 30, 2020

Dr. Dara Tyrrell is joining us in this episode. She practices in Scotland and has grown her chiropractic business very quickly, having graduated from chiropractic school in Wales in 2013.

After getting through chiropractic school, Dr. Dara first thought she did not want to run her own business. We hear how she chose her first associateship and the success that she had. Eventually, Dr. Dara did make the decision to open her own practice. She explains what made her come to this decision.

Her practice has experienced rapid growth, so Dr. Dara takes us through the things she did right in the early days to lay a successful foundation. Part of her success has come through her extreme work ethic, but this has also caused her to burn out before. She provides advice for other chiropractors on what she has learned about preventing burnout.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Dr. Dara first heard about chiropractic. [1:43]
  • What the experience of going through chiropractic school was like for Dr. Dara. [5:09]
  • The process of picking her first associateship position. [6:31]
  • Leaving the stability of her full-time job. [10:41]
  • Aspects that attributed to the quick growth of Dr. Dara’s practice. [13:49]
  • Where the first patients came from. [16:24]
  • A time when Dr. Dara got burnt out and how she overcame it. [19:14]
  • Dara’s experience at the Shift Re-Wire Mastermind. [22:43]
  • What the COVID-19 situation looks like in Scotland. [25:32]
  • Advice that Dr. Dara would give her younger self. [27:56]

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How Dr. Marie Osborne Stopped Being a People Pleaser

How Dr. Marie Osborne Stopped Being a People Pleaser

September 23, 2020

On today’s show, Dr. Don is joined by Dr. Marie Osborne. Dr. Marie runs Osborne Chiropractic with her husband John in Tipperary, Ireland. A member of the Shift Re-Wire Mastermind program, Dr. Marie returns to the podcast to update us on her practice and personal wellbeing.

Dr. Marie tells us about how her practice has been these days and how she has been continuing to strive for progression personally and in business. She discusses overcoming her people-pleasing nature to live her truth and how she has worked to shed beliefs that don’t serve. Doing the internal work is uncomfortable, but necessary, in order to progress and grow.

Many places are beginning to re-open and no longer have lockdown orders in effect. Dr. Marie tells us how they have adjusted their space to meet guidelines and continue to provide access to care. Protecting your mental space is paramount with everything going on, but how do you do that and continue to work?

Key Takeaways:

  • Working on the shift to the vitalistic approach. [2:17]
  • Overcoming the need to people please and living her truth. [4:56]
  • The necessity of feeling uncomfortable when doing internal work. [9:45]
  • Overcoming societal and internal beliefs about working mothers. [10:17]
  • Building personal awareness. [13:07]
  • How Dr. Marie let go of the guilt of not being everywhere. [16:30]
  • COVID impacts on Ireland. [18:20]
  • Adjusting to guidelines to provide access to care. [25:45]
  • Protecting your mental space. [28:09]
  • Words of inspiration. [30:41]
Chiropractic Bouncing Back from the Pandemic with Dr. Dave Hansen

Chiropractic Bouncing Back from the Pandemic with Dr. Dave Hansen

September 9, 2020

We are welcoming Dr. Dave Hansen for his second appearance in today’s episode. Dr. Hansen just had a record-breaking month in July despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This episode is geared towards finding out what has made Dr. Hansen bounce back and break records during this difficult time.

Some key components of his success were the high demand for chiropractic services after re-opening, which we hear about in detail. Dr. Hansen, however, stipulates that the first half of the year was not so fun.

Dr. Don and Dr. Hansen to go on to discuss how they handle integrating new employees to the team and how hiring a chiropractic associate have helped both themselves and their practices.

Key Points:

  • How Dr. Hansen reached his results [3:33]
  • The reasons to hire a CA and the impact it can have on your practice [6:05]
  • A good lesson for a lot of people from Dr. Don [10:52]
  • How Dr. Hansen and his new CA are handling the practice [11:42]
  • Did hiring a CA force Dr. Hansen to become more engaged in the front? [13:35]
  • Keys for hiring new employees in the chiropractic world [15:05]
  • Managing the front and letting go to focus on making adjustments [18:02]
  • The importance of recognizing burn out [18:58]
  • How Dr. Hansen is focusing more on self-care in recent months [19:50]
  • Hansen’s journey on changing his mindset [23:03]
  • The “feeling” issue experienced by Dr. Hansen and his progress on correcting it [25:06]
  • Words of inspiration from Dr. Hansen [28:13]

You can listen to the previous episode featuring Dr. Hansen here.

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Focusing on What You Really Want with Dr. Helen Cox

Focusing on What You Really Want with Dr. Helen Cox

August 26, 2020

On today’s show, Dr. Don is joined by Dr. Helen Cox. Dr. Helen runs the Tri-Chiropractic practice in Lethbridge, Alberta. A graduate of Parker University in 1998, Dr. Helen has been in practice for 20 years.

Beginning by taking us through her journey to chiropractic practice, Dr. Helen gives us an honest look into dealing with the struggles of single parenting while trying to establish a career. She also tells us about dealing with health issues, burnout and rediscovering her passion.

Now running for ACAC Council, Dr. Helen is looking to help people make a shift in their own lives towards speaking their truth and being unafraid to do so. You have the ability to shape your practice the way you want it to be and you have the power to prevent negativity in your practice. Just focus on what you truly want.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Dr. Helen came to pick Chiropractic Medicine as her major. [1:44]
  • What drew her to studying at Parker. [3:06]
  • The benefits and impact of Parker Seminars. [5:33]
  • Building a practice amidst being a single parent and health scares. [7:43]
  • Growing her practice: Focusing on sincerity and relationships. [9:23]
  • Beginning the vitality shift. [12:10]
  • Evolving her chiropractic philosophy. [14:00]
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome, knowing what you want and going for it. [15:39]
  • Experiencing burnout and how Dr. Helen protects herself from it now. [17:47]
  • Dealing with re-emerging health concerns amidst COVID-19. [19:19]
  • What led to running for leadership. [23:10]
  • Finding your own truth and living in your purpose. [24:50]
  • Words of inspiration for new practitioners or those feeling burnt out. [27:51]
The Chronic Pain of COVID-19 with Brandi MacDonald

The Chronic Pain of COVID-19 with Brandi MacDonald

August 19, 2020

It's a time for Chiropractors to grow not retract!

In today’s episode, Dr. Don is joined by his wife, Brandi MacDonald, who co-owns South Side Chiropractic in Edmonton, Alberta. She is also a professional speaker, author, and coach. Brandi explains how the current pandemic is similar to an injury to the body and how we essentially went into shock and feared the unknown. COVID-19 can be related to a phase of chronic pain where the body still needs to recover from the injury itself.

Dr. Don explains how this is an important time to not take your foot off the gas as much, as it feels like you should when it comes to your practice. Dr. Don asks Brandi how to regain our energy to put into our practices, and she weighs in on how to adapt to restrictions and health procedures.

Key Takeaways:

  • The fight or flight and fight or freeze response. [5:40]
  • The “ready” position and how it affects the various professions. [6:58]
  • Focusing on the upside of the trauma brought on to your practice. [10:47]
  • How South Side Chiropractic was affected by the pandemic and how they had to resort to a critical patient-only basis. [12:04]
  • How having a family can drastically affect your practice as childcare has been limited or shut down in various areas. [15:45]
  • Brandi explains how she believes what you allow into your space can help you to pull through and regain energy. [19:35]
  • Some activities that can help to take your mind off things and shut your brain off. [21:06]
  • Social distancing and how Dr. Don conserves energy on his off days. [24:22]
  • Surge capacity, open hours, and how minimizing your hours can actually be more beneficial. [25:57]
A Vitalistic Approach to Chiropractic with Dr. Jason Hollingsworth

A Vitalistic Approach to Chiropractic with Dr. Jason Hollingsworth

August 5, 2020

On today’s show, Dr. Don is joined by Dr. Jason Hollingsworth. Dr. Jason runs the Back to Health practice in Strathmore, Alberta with his wife Dr. Heather Russell. A graduate of Western States Chiropractic College, Dr. Jason has been in practice for 20 years.


Discussing his path to chiropractic practice, Dr. Jason also tells us how he met his wife at school after they had both deferred a year. He discusses their journey to a more vitalistic approach to chiropractic wellness and overcoming burnout after changing their approach.


Dr. Jason also takes us through the reasons he has become more involved in the politics of chiropractic practice. Currently running for ACAC Council, he believes it is time for the different approaches of the chiropractic discipline to be less divided and wants to encourage us all to become involved on a more united front. What can we accomplish when we collaborate?


Key Takeaways:

  • How Dr. Jason arrived at practicing Chiropractic Medicine. [1:30]
  • Meeting his wife and business partner through school. [4:35]
  • The path to their own practice. [6:15]
  • Developing their vitalistic approach. [9:06]
  • Growing their practice from the ground up. [12:32]
  • How their community involvement has strengthened the practice. [13:48]
  • Burnout: What caused it and how did they cope with it? [14:30]
  • What helped turn their finances around? [16:55]
  • How Dr. Jason became involved in politics. [21:00]
  • The importance of fostering unity in the chiropractic community. [24:40]
  • Words of inspiration for those starting out or feeling burnt out. [26:58]
Selling Your Chiropractic Practice and Starting Over with Dr. Naomi Mills

Selling Your Chiropractic Practice and Starting Over with Dr. Naomi Mills

July 22, 2020

On today’s show, Dr. Don is joined by Dr. Naomi Mills. Originally from Aberdeen in Scotland, Dr. Naomi studied at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth. Until recently, Dr. Naomi owned a practice in the UK.


Joining us 2 years on from her first appearance on the show, she discusses the drastic shift she has made. Last time she spoke to us she had just finished building and opening the clinic of her dreams. Today she has left that clinic behind and moved to Scotland to start again.


Self-reflection and understanding where her values truly lie played a huge part in this decision. Naomi takes us through how she came to the decision to sell, what the process was like, and where her future lies. During the lockdown, you also have the opportunity to look at where you are and ask yourself what am I working so hard for?


Key Takeaways:

  • How Dr. Naomi came to the decision to leave her ‘dream’ practice. [2:20]
  • The work involved in creating her new vision and how she took action. [7:15]
  • The process of selling and facilitating the transition for her clients and new owners. [9:28]
  • Letting go of emotional ties to evolve. [11:34]
  • What Dr. Naomi has planned for the future once lockdown is lifted. [13:20]
  • Her involvement in the future opening of The Scottish Chiropractic College. [16:37]
  • What plans she has for the curriculum she would like to teach. [18:53]
  • How fellow chiropractors can support the college in its opening. [21:04]
  • Tips for finding inspiration and understanding your values during the lockdown. [22:40]

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