Breaking the Underdog Curse for Chiropractic

Making Wise Investments - Dr. Ernest Li

March 2, 2018

Being with like-minded people and having a mentor can definitely up your game. Dr. Ernest Li invested his money, time, and effort attending seminars, which made him realized what his true value is.

On today’s episode, we are with my mastermind buddy, Dr. Ernest Li. He is a chiropractor, and a businessman who owns real estates and a pub.

Dr. Li wouldn't have discovered chiropractic unless he hadn’t gone into his fifth car accident. The accidents he had caused him pain that made it tough for him to focus on school. He tried everything else and ended up seeing a chiropractor as his last resort. After three adjustments, he felt better than a year and a half of physiotherapy and massage combined.

Like other chiropractors, Dr. Li also overdid the practice, got burned out, worked his butt off serving his patients, which took him away from family time. That was the time when he thought that there must be easier ways to make money other than being a chiropractor. When he started investing his money in various things, he realized it isn’t easy and that no matter what business you’re in, you got to work hard. Get all the resources for this episode and listen to more at