The purpose of this episode is to give chiropractors the tools to eradicate debt and to increase profitability. Dr. Don speaks with expert entrepreneur and author of seven financial guidebooks, Mike Michalowicz. Mike shares tips and strategies for chiropractors who want to gain stability and profitability in their practice. These proven principles, based on his book, Profit First, have been successfully implemented in over 300 thousand businesses.

After listening to this episode, you will have a better understanding of how to diminish your debt, including student loans, how to become profitable from day one, and which free resources and tools will make the most impact on your practice. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Mike shares his life purpose which is to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty. [2:55]
  • How to reverse engineer profitability. [7:45]
  • Mike explains how Parkinson’s Law affects businesses and how Profit First modifies behavior. [11:18]
  • Debt reduction strategies that empower entrepreneurs. [23:21]
  • Mike’s next book, Fix This First, helps entrepreneurs identify the changes that can make the most impact on their business. [28:59]
  • Mike offers advice to chiropractors includes ‘Take action, don’t wallow’. [34:00] 


Learn More:

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@MikeMichalowicz on Instagram

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Dr. Don MacDonald

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