On today’s show, Dr. Don is joined by Jake Steiner, a retired stockbroker who has dedicated himself to improving his own and others eyesight through natural methods. Some topics Jake will discuss are how he became interested in natural eyesight improvement and what pseudo-myopia is.

Jake takes us through how he arrived at improving his eyesight through natural methods. Being told he needed to change his eyeglass prescription for the first time since he was a teenager due to genetics didn’t sit right with him. Jake took it upon himself to begin research into the reasons for his vision decline.

With our screen time forever on the increase and eye strain commonplace, more people than ever are experiencing some kind of myopia. During his research, Jake discovered that the answer to reversing myopia could be simple.


Key Takeaways:

  • How Jake came to be interested in natural eyesight improvement. [2:15]
  • Why Google Scholar is an amazing resource and how to utilize it. [4:29]
  • What is pseudo-myopia? [5:19]
  • What can you do to ease your ocular muscle strain? [07:09]
  • Addressing the causality of the muscle strain. [8:30]
  • About lens-induced myopia. [9:25]
  • How Jake honed his research and methods. [10:55]
  • How Jake’s method grew and spread. [13:00]
  • Steps to start the process of ocular muscle improvement. [14:30]
  • The timeline to improvement. [19:25]
  • How posture can impact your eyesight and vice versa. [21:00]
  • How Jake’s body has changed since his vision has improved. [25:07]
  • Words of wisdom. [28:40]


Find out more: https://www.endmyopia.com

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