In this episode, Dr. Don is joined by Brandi MacDonald, and today they are discussing how they help chiropractors get unstuck by overcoming trauma.- both for themselves and the people they care for.

Trauma is widely misunderstood, but by becoming more trauma-informed, you can better understand the influence you have (and don’t have) in helping people deal with it. Brandi and Dr. Don talk about state seeking, validation, trauma in chiropractors, and the role of  “safety is the treatment” in the polyvagal theory.

Key Takeaways:

  • Upcoming dates for Mastermind Rewire. [2:26]
  • What trauma is and what it’s really about. [3:55]
  • Brandi’s experience as a trauma-informed practitioner. [6:11]
  • Who or what determines if a person is traumatized. [7:26]
  • How a chiropractic adjustment influences the trauma response. [8:46]
  • Why it’s especially important to acknowledge the trauma of this past year. [10:05]
  • What happens when we are left in the sympathetic system for too long. [11:20]
  • Story-seeking versus state-seeking in your practice. [13:00]
  • What the “window of tolerance” is and why it’s important. [16:00]
  • What the research says about trauma in the nervous system. [20:25]
  • How to use tools like triggers, glimmers, and glows to help with trauma. [23:10]
  • How breathwork can help support the nervous system. [29:47]
  • The environment they create in their mastermind group and how it relates to the topic of trauma. [31:47]
  • Brandi’s words of wisdom going into 2021. [35:41]
  • Why you need to get into a state of regulation before making decisions. [38:56]


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