Most chiropractors know what they need to do to grow their practice but hesitate when asked why they don’t take the needed steps to do it. The number one reason chiropractors don’t grow is that they are afraid of objections and rejection. 

If you spend energy pushing towards goals that you are unsure of, it can burn you out and you may stop setting goals altogether. But it's a vicious cycle you can mentally and emotionally overcome. In this episode, Brandi and Dr. Don discuss the common barriers and deficits many chiropractors gave voice to at the recent Shift Unplugged event. 

Brandi shares ways to desensitize fear, resources for self-guided learning opportunities, and information on how you can be part of future Shift Unplugged events and masterminds. 

To register for our Gold Coast Shift Unplugged event in Australia, please go to:


Key Takeaways:

  • Brandi recaps the benefits of having 600+ years of chiropractic experience from the Phoenix Shift Unplugged event. [1:15]
  • Most people know what it takes to grow their practice but they don’t know how to overcome the barriers to do it. [7:37]
  • To adapt emotionally you must be physically strong and this is where the self-care pyramid becomes important. [15:09] 
  • Masterminds are designed to help chiropractors to get clear about what they want and then build the strategies to get there. [16:40] 
  • Brandi offers resources from influencers who can help lay the groundwork for making true change. [23:12]
  • Dr. Don and Brandi discuss upcoming True Concept Seminar events around the globe. [26:24]

Learn More:

Vitality Shift Website

True Concept Seminars

Dr. Don MacDonald

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