Breaking the Underdog Curse for Chiropractic

Dealing with Feedbacks - Dr. Paul McCrossin

March 7, 2018

Not all people who go to chiropractic clinics understand what chiropractic is all about and its true message. Thus, for people in practice, it is vital to be able to understand people's health views and let go of those who don’t accept your message.

On today’s episode, we are here with Dr. Paul McCrossin. He has been in practice for 23 years, very much involved in the United Chiropractic Association, and helps other chiropractors practice safely and ethically. He talks about the reasons why people complain and how to handle it. For him, it’s a feedback when people complain.

Paul says that miscommunication is one of the reasons why there’s a disconnection between the chiropractor and the practice member. People drop out of care because they feel they’re not being listened to or the chiropractor doesn’t care. When you communicate where they’re at, you would be on the same page making them feel connected to you. Get all the resources for this episode and listen to more at