In cognitive sciences, stress is implicated in 90% of all chronic illnesses yet many doctors aren’t willing to make that diagnosis. Hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and mental illness top the charts worldwide for debilitating physiological issues with little being done to get to the root cause. The healthcare system is failing people leaving chiropractic care to lead the way in removing subluxations to get the body back into working order. To discuss pertinent research on the topic of complete care, Dr. Don welcomes returning guest and long-time mentor Dr. Michael Hall to the podcast. Dr. Hall is an expert who facilitates seminars in improving function and increasing brain health. He describes various research papers that focus on the connection between subluxation and brain function, lung capacity, chronic forward head posture caused by electronics, and more. This fascinating conversation offers chiropractors the opportunity to refocus their message beyond adjustments and toward treating the whole human. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • How just getting out of a chair and walking can increase your health. [2:02]
  • Dr. Hall shares the research that demonstrates how chiropractic care can repair damage caused by excessive stress. [8:33] 
  • The importance of self-care for chiropractors. [18:48]
  • How chiropractic adjustments affect the prefrontal cortex. [22:49] 
  • Dr. Hall unpacks an article regarding chronic forward head posture and how it affects lung capacity and brain function. [23:26] 
  • The message chiropractors need to share about the benefits of adjustments. [32:18]
  • Addressing clinical research papers can assist chiropractors in identifying underlying causes of practice member's pain. [39:38] 

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