Connect With Yourself And Others - Dr. Nicole Lederman

February 14, 2018

Dr. Nicole Lederman knew she wanted to be a doctor and help people at an early age. She graduated from CMCC in 2000 and then worked as a locum for almost three years in Ontario. When she moved to Texas together with her husband, she ended up teaching in the clinic and on the academic side of Parker. After 11 years of teaching, she realized it was time for her and her family to come back to Canada to start a new phase of life.

On this episode, Dr. Lederman talks about how her 18 years in practice have been like. As a woman who is less than five-foot tall, she emphasizes that size doesn't matter. In fact, she shares that small female chiropractors are highly specific when making the adjustments.

As a working mom, she also experienced being burned out and not being her vibrant, healthy self which taught her that it isn't true that you can have balance. What’s true is you can choose what you want to do. Moreover, being herself, doing self-care, and connecting with others is the biggest things that have helped her over the time. Get all the resources for this episode and listen to more at